Blenders Eyewear

From our friends at Blenders Eyewear:


We’re going to level with you- a good pair of shades is hard to find. Why? Basically, one company owns 80% of the global sunglasses market. And when you're the big dog on the block you can charge whatever you want. And charge they do. 

And to us, that’s not cool. 
We’re based in sunny San Diego, a diverse and cultural melting pot and you need a solid pair of shades every day. Before we started, a few types of shades (unfairly) dominated the market for years. Fresh, Vibrant, Comfortable Sunglasses at a reasonable price didn’t exist. 

So we made our own.
Your shades should say something about you. They should tell a story about who you are and the life you love to live. Our lives are unpredictable and exciting and we need shades that fit our lifestyle. Blenders was founded on passion and we pride ourselves on radical design that unabashedly pushes you outside your comfort zone. They are for the pleasure-seekers of the world, the ones who lust for life’s adventure, and the people who will not stop until they find it.
You’ll find our signature ‘Stripes  //’ on every pair which means “ life in forward motion.” It’s there to help you (and us) remember to get out into the world and chase the spark that lights your match.
You’ve got one life under the sun. 
The future is bright. Come prepared."

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