Vanilla Fig Bath Soak
Vanilla Fig Bath Soak

Vanilla Fig Bath Soak

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Introducing the once limited edition "Vanilla Fig" bath soak to our collection. Within this 16 oz. bottle is 100% all natural and all organic, hand selected ingredients to help you with any and all your skins needs. 

Key Features

- 100% all organic dried whole milk: high in lactic acid that lightens and smoothens your skin.

- 100% all organic dried honey powder: this is antibacterial and helps control oily skin that helps fight acne. Its also a natural humectant that keeps your skin moisturized, but not oily. 

- Organic brown sugar: this literally makes your skin glow, with glycolic acid that keeps and maintains your skins radiance

- All natural and organic vanilla bean extract: this neutralizes free radicals and reverse skin damage that are caused by them with their antioxidants. it also helps slow down the signs of aging while leaving your skin feeling rejuvenated. 

- Ground organic raw oatmeal: This creates a protective layer on the skin that retains its natural moisture, and promotes collagen production. 

- Ground organic fig: Figs are rich in a multitude of vitamins and minerals that promote blood circulation to a great extent. 

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